Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What a pretty little chair!

So this is neither knitting, cooking, or growing so I hope you will forgive the temporary side track:
Two weekends ago Chris and I wandered around the Mukilteo garage sale and I found a really cool chair for $2! 
As you can see, it started out with this kind of faded old blue and white fabric on it. Thankfully, Kelsie came over and helped me to reupolster it and now it looks amazing! (I have been calling it my happy chair because the colors are so bright that it makes me instantly happy to look at it.


The hardest part was picking out the fabric but I am VERY happy with my choice. I told Kelsie that I was only allowed 5 minutes from the time we walked into the fabric store until I had decided on the fabric. This one fit so perfectly with what I was thinking of in my head that I think I took less than my allotted 5 minutes! This fabric was the most expensive part of the project since I shelled out $8 for 1 yard of this gorgeous stuff!

 ALSO, at the garage sale we bought this cool old picture frame for $1.
Since I didn't know what to do with it I cut out some cardboard we had lying around the basement to fit the frame.
Actually, I didn't cut it very well and there are now huge gaps between the cardboard and the paper but that is ok. So, I fit the cardboard to the frame and kind of tried to upholster the cardboard with the remnants of the cool fabric I bought. The plan is to use it as a kind of pin board in the guest room.

So, what do you think?! I am working on making our guest room more pleasant right now so more pictures are soon to come! These two cool things are just kind of thrown up there right now but I am hoping to use them to make the room much brighter and happier!

TWO THINGS HAVE SPROUTED IN OUR garden boxes! I am super excited to have lots of baby lettuce, broccoli and shell peas popping up!

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