Saturday, May 7, 2011

Three Garden Boxes!

Chris built us some garden boxes! We have some awesome friends staying with us this week (Amanda and Brandon Bates with their two super cute daughters Lilly and Mya) so last weekend Chris and Brandon spent a few hours picking out wood while I worked to even out the dirt where we had some bush stumps ground out. The assembly process was pretty quick and then we had to fill all three boxes with dirt. We bought 5,000 lbs of top soil that has lots of compost and good stuff to grow in. 

The end product was pretty cool and the whole thing was rather easy. Chris picked out 16' long 2"x12" boards and we had them cut to make 3 raised garden beds that are 4'x8'.

Chris and Brandon assembling box #1

We purchased LOTS of topsoil that is perfect for growing the garden. It has compost and other good stuff in it. It filled up both the truck bed and our trailer.


So excited for my boxes!

After dinner I helped to fill the last box.

I started to plant afterwords:

Shell peas
Strawberries that I bought, 6 plants for $2.
I am SO excited for this lavender bush!

Shell peas

This is the layout for our squared off garden. Each square is 2'x2'


  1. DO you have anything for your peas to grow on? They grow like vines...

    What kind of corn did you get? If you haven't gotten any yet call me and I will tell you where to find the best sweet corn start ever! It was AMAZING last year so I am doing 25 this year as opposed to last years 15.

    What about zuchinnis? They grow like weeds you should do some of that too!