Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Garden in July

The garden is still alive! I haven't killed ANYTHING yet!

Starting at the furthest west corner:

BROCCOLI: This has literally exploded. I don't think I can keep it all in this small 2'z2' box. Anyone want a broccoli plant? I am not sure how they would transplant at this point but hey, it is worth a shot! (UPDATE 7/7: I transplanted about 7 of the plants...they aren't dead yet but they don't look as healthy as they were. They are all floppy now)

CUCUMBERS: These are still rather small and they don't appear to be changing much so I am not sure if we will get much out of them...

BEANS: These started out very shaky and have finally started to grow. They are also a bit tight for space but I think that these are also too late to transplant. Over the weekend while we were in Oregon for the fourth of July they started to sprout little wispy things on the top!

SNOW PEAS: I have a 2'x4' box and a 2'x2' box going. The bigger box is pictured here and is doing very well. We went to buy stakes to drill into the sides of the boxes last week since the peas outgrew the little stick and string set up we had put together. The best part is all the little blossoms appearing! They are gorgeous and promise lots of peas! This big box was planted from indoor starter plants and I am shocked at how well they have done after being transplanted twice. The small box plants were all directly planted as seeds outside and but they aren't far behind the bigger box.


SCALLIONS: These are doing 'okay'. I remember thinking last year that I really wished they got bigger. Some of them still seem tiny. Despite this, we used some in our salsa last week and they were delicious!

WALLA WALLS: These are still so tiny! I might have done something wrong. I thinned them about 3 weeks ago and they haven't changed since...
MIXED LETTUCE GREENS: These are literally taking over my garden. I can't believe how successful the lettuce has been. It is very strong and tastes delicious. If anyone wants some lettuce let me know and I will bring you some! You can also see my lavender plant in the middle of the far box which is doing equally well. I don't know when to harvest though, perhaps after the little blossoms die? It smells so good!

STRAWBERRIES: These have also been great! We have over a dozen little strawberries growing and one red one so far!

CORN: Someone told me last week, "So much for knee high by the fourth of July"...dang cold weather we have been having...


Carrots: I thinned the box on the left (top) about 1 month ago. The ones I thinned are not doing as well as the plants that I left alone. Too bad because they will have more space to grow delicious carrots! The right side(bottom) is growing very great but I am not sure how big the carrots will get since they don't have much space.

TOMATOES: Meh.... a few blossoms but nothing exciting. Did I mention how wet and cold it has been this summer?

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  1. Love it! It all looks so pretty and healthy and vibrant! The lettuce was delicious. :)