Saturday, March 26, 2011

Attempt #2 at a garden

I like to knit...I like to cook....and I would like to like to grow!

The last few weeks I have wanted to start blogging. I know it is silly and no one may wind up reading it, but it will be cool to track some things, (like what I have knit, what I have been cooking, and what we are trying to grow!).
So let's start of with growing! Chris and I started growing our second garden last weekend. Last year we had a tiny 4'x5' patch cleared in our new back yard. Sadly it was a bit unsuccessful as we only really got the onions and 1 cucumber out of it. This year we are following the advice of the guys at the farmers' market and starting things out inside.

Last weekend we put some peas, beans, corn, and tomatoes between moist paper towels in ziplocs and put them on top of the fridge (out of the sight of our tricky cats!).

 This weekend we peeked inside and they had already started to grow!

So we filled up lots of little dixie cups with some of our own compost and topsoil and added the sprouted seeds. Last year we were told this will help them start out well...

One main problem remains. So far we are planting bush beans, shell peas, tomatoes, carrots, onions, corn. Our little 4'x5' garden will not be big enough for all of it. This is a picture of our backyard right now. As you can see, Chris is cutting down all of the big bushes on the right side of the fence. Next weekend we are going to build some nice raised garden boxes!!

To be honest, we have no clue what we are doing :) Still, it will be fun if we get something out of it!


  1. Brooke, I'm so proud of you both! :) Sounds like you're having fun; I'm impressed. I will enjoy following your blog. Someday -- in the not so distant future, I hope to have time for you to teach me to knit! Until then, I'll keep reading. You keep out-smarting your cats. Love ya!

    -Mom Perisho

    P.S. How are you going to keep the cats out of all those fun little cups? :)

  2. Actually, you sound like you DO know what you are doing! Great work! I think the raised beds and the compost will help your harvest. Are you going to cover them with a plastic arch until the weather warms up and we are free of frost. it will help raise the temp of your soil and stimulate root growth. Good luck! Sounds like you are off to a great start! Look forward to future posts! :)

  3. Shari- I defeinitely plan to use some kind of arch/green house thing outside to help the plants stay warm...we get so little sun here!

    Kim- We should have a knitting session at girl's weekend!